What is Placement Training?

Placement Training plays a crucial role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of each engineering student to urge placed during a top organisation visiting their campus for recruitment. Keeping this key characteristic into consideration, it is realised that training is important for engineering students to enhance their employability skills and achieve good placement in various Industries.

At present, the competition for employment is increasing daily and placement has become a challenging task. Training of scholars and equipping them with life skills has become a vital responsibility of the institution. Along with technical expertise, the improvement of a holistic personality is additionally necessary. To meet out these requirements, a fully-fledged training cell is working in our college to boost the capabilities of engineering graduates on par with the industry standards.


The prime objective of the Training Cell is:

1) To appear for 100% employment for all students

2) To acknowledge the core competencies of the students.

3) To coach the students to fulfil the expectations of the industry through our Career Development Programmes.

4) To develop confidence in students and develop right attitude in them and

5) To enhance their communication skills

Training Activities

1) Create awareness about “career planning” and “career mapping” among the students.

2) Equip the student with life skills.

3) Train the students on “Personality development”.

4) Organise Various Training Programmes to train the students in the areas of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning through the reputed external training organisations and in-house trainers.

5) Train the students through Mock Interviews to perform well in the Professional Interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.

6) Train the students on group discussion techniques

Conduct online tests and written aptitude tests.

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