The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams 12 February 2021

1. SCATHING (ADJECTIVE): devastating

Synonyms: withering, blistering

Antonyms: mild

Example Sentence:

She launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister.


2. IMMINENT (ADJECTIVE):  impending

Synonyms: at hand, close

Antonyms: remote

Example Sentence:

They were in imminent danger of being swept away.


3. TARDINESS (NOUN): lateness

Synonyms: delay, retardation

Antonyms: punctuality

Example Sentence:

Forgive my tardiness, I had some very important business to attend to.


4. FLOUT (VERB): defy

Synonyms: go against, scorn

Antonyms: observe

Example Sentence:

They flouted the norms simply by being who they are.



Synonyms: taxing, difficult

Antonyms: easy

Example Sentence:

She undertook the arduous task of monitoring the elections.


6. BAR (PREPOSITION): apart from

Synonyms: but (for), other than

Antonyms: observe

Example Sentence:

His kids were all gone now, bar one.


7. HAIL (VERB): acclaim

Synonyms: praise, applaud

Antonyms: criticize

Example Sentence:

He has been hailed as the new James.



Synonyms: triumph, exultation

Antonyms: despondency

Example Sentence:

Everyone present, witnessed unbelievable scenes of jubilation.


9. SWIFTLY (ADVERB): promptly

Synonyms: immediately, instantly

Antonyms: in due course

Example Sentence:

They acted swiftly in response to the invasion.


10. LEISURELY (ADJECTIVE): unhurried

Synonyms: relaxed, unrushed

Antonyms: brisk

Example Sentence:

We had a leisurely breakfast at our hotel.

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