Possibilities of Gaming while learning

As an employee, there are tons of reasons why we usually forget things especially when it involves working. Busy schedule, plenty of plates on your hands and other things to require care of. It’s very challenging and stressful especially once you don’t have time to scribble your notes, check your messages on time and learn from what you read. What might happen is that there’ll be an information overload but less retention? Hard to admit but, we also forget to unwind sometimes.

Since the fashionable world is now focused on fast-paced learning, we decided to make how for you to find out and to unwind also. This is often called “Gamification”. It is using gamified contents on your eLearning courses. With this, you’ll have time for knowledge and relax a touch because it’s game time! Hitting two birds with one stone, amazing right?

Studies show that gamification way of eLearning makes the learners understand 90% of what they learned! What does this give us in return? Increased productivity and performance feedback up to 90%! Isn’t that wonderful?

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