Gamification is a new trend that’s usually utilized in eLearning services which will help the learners to retain more information supported the games they played.

Show real-life situations and decision making

Through gamification, you’ll apply real-life scenarios in games which will trigger the learner’s critical thinking and when this is often stimulated your learners will have better deciding in real-life especially once they encounter things personally.

Better Social Interaction

With gamification it doesn’t need to be one player, multiple players can also play therefore creating interaction between players. They will share strategies with other players or just interact with others since the sport may be a common denominator for them.

Improve Competitiveness

Your learners will certainly aim to win or to succeed the sport especially if they will see the development of other players. An example of this is often leaderboards. Leaderboards let players see the event of other players within the game creating a way of competition among them during a fun and interesting way.

Improve Performance

In a research by Bryan Austin from eLearning Industry, some employees who used gamification in their offices were ready to solve new situations by using the techniques they learned from the sport. This shows that gamification not only entertains learners, it also helps them to become productive in their daily tasks.

These are just the straightforward uses of gamification your learners can acquire while using it! Let your learners learn and celebrate at an equivalent time!

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