Alt_How to apply for off-campus placements

How to apply for off-campus placements (jobs/internships)?

Why off-campus?

You wish to apply to top product-based companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Microsoft, Uber, etc. but they do not visit your campus.

You want to work in a fast-paced environment at an exciting start-up but it is too early for them to come for campus placements.

What to do in such cases?

You can apply for off-campus placements.


What is off-campus placement?

Off-campus placement is after you get placed at an organisation without your college being involved within the process. In case of off-campus placements, you wish to directly send job applications to the companies that you just wish to join.

It unveil a large form of job opportunities for you which your college wouldn’t be able to provide otherwise. So if you belong to a Tier 2/3 college or if you’re trying to find employment opportunity in your dream company that doesn’t visit your college campus, you can always apply using the off-campus process.

How to apply?

There are four major ways through which you can apply for an off-campus job opportunity in a company:

  1. Careers Page
  2. Job Referrals
  3. Hiring Challenges
  4. Talk to a Recruiter

Careers Page

Every company has a career page where they post all their job openings. Regularly check the career page of the company you wish to join and apply for a suitable job opening.

Where to find the careers page?

  1. Open the website of the company you wish to apply
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage
  3. You will find the link to the “Careers” or “Job” page there
  4. For some websites it will be in the top menu

Link to the career pages of some of the top product-based companies:

  1. Google Careers
  2. Facebook Careers
  3. Microsoft Careers
  4. Amazon Jobs
  5. Flipkart Careers
  6. Uber Careers
  7. Makemytrip careers
  8. Adobe Careers
  9. Hewlett-Packard (HP) Careers
  10. Intel Jobs

You can also check for job openings on job portals like:

  1. LinkedIn Jobs
  2. AngelList
  3. InstaHyre
  4. Naukri
  5. Glassdoor, etc.

If you do not find relevant openings on the career pages, you can email the company by sending a proper application mail with your resume.

How to find the email address?

Google for “[email protected]_with_company_domain” and “[email protected]_with_company_domain” and check if any of it comes up in the search results.

Job Referrals

The ratio of selections to job applications is extremely low at most companies. To increase this ratio, companies generally have an incentive scheme for its employees to refer people they think would be good hires.

A referral is a very good option to get an interview call from a company. Many companies skip the preliminary tests for referrals and begin with the most interview process.

Referral Process at most companies:

  1. You reach out to a person working in the company you want to apply
  2. The referrer then shares your profile with the recruiter
  3. The recruiter gets in touch with you if your profile matches with the job requirements
  4. Interview!

If you have seniors working at your dream companies then it should be fairly easy for you to get a referral. Otherwise, you can reach out to people on LinkedIn to get referrals.

Hiring Challenges

Many companies host hiring challenges on platforms like HackerRankHackerEarthTechGig, etc.

Most popular formats of such hiring challenges:

  1. DSA coding questions
  2. DSA coding questions along with MCQs on CS concepts.
  3. Development challenges

Take part in these challenges and try to get a good rank. If you do well, you can get an interview call from the company.

GoogleFacebook and CodeNation actively hire freshers through hiring challenges.

Talk to a Recruiter

Recruiters are people or department who either hire for their companies or for some other companies. It makes a lot of sense to directly reach out to them if you are looking for a job at companies that they are associated with.

Building a good LinkedIn profile can help you a lot in that.

Note that getting an interview call through off-campus placements is not as easy as on-campus placements. Unless you have an extremely strong background, you may have to apply to hundreds of companies to get a favourable job offer. The best time to apply for a job is in the final semester preferably around April/May.

How to get job referrals on LinkedIn and land an awesome job?

You’re looking for a job and are about to ask someone on LinkedIn to refer you. Follow this guide to extend your chances of getting a referral by messaging someone on LinkedIn.

This article assumes that you simply are suitable for the role that you’re seeking a referral. Make sure that you’ve undergone the job opening which you’re eligible for it. Read the job description and requirements thoroughly and apply only if you satisfy the criteria.

Keep in mind that people are busy. Respect their time. Most of these people get a lot of messages on LinkedIn. You do not want your message to be ignored among the other messages.

There are three steps to getting a successful referral through LinkedIn:

  1. Find the right person
  2. Send the right message
  3. Followup

Whom should you send the message?

  1. Find people who are working in your target company.
  2. Prefer people who are working in the same domain. As in, if you’re a frontend developer, it is better to ask a frontend developer to refer you for the available position. They can judge you better based on your resume and your skills.
  3. LinkedIn allows you to send messages to a limited number of people. Prefer people who’ve been active on LinkedIn in the past one month. Here, activity means a like/comment/post/share.

What should you send in the message?

Follow these DOs and DONTs to decide what to send.

  1. Cut the small talk and get to the point. Don’t drop a “Hi” and wait for the other person to respond back to continue the conversation.
  2. Provide proper context. Don’t just send a straight “Can you refer me?” without any context.
  3. Keep the message informative. Send your message with the proper job id and URL of the opening (from company career page, LinkedIn, etc.).
  4. Sell yourself. If you’ve something to showcase, mention that.
    Example: any tech talk that you’ve delivered, any open-source contributions that you have made, your personal website, etc.
  5. Create a template. Following a proper template of the referral message which includes the above points will make it easier for you to apply to multiple roles.

If your message is concise and appealing, your chances of getting a reply will be pretty high. The referrer may even suggest some improvements or provide some valuable feedback. Either way, it’s a win for you.

What to do after sending the message?

With the right message sent to the right people, you will most likely get a lot of referrals from multiple amazing persons.

People are busy and should not reply to or perhaps read your message immediately. If you do not get a reply, send a followup message after a couple of days. Send atleast max 2-3 followups spread across 10-15 days. If it still doesn’t work, try and find some other person for a referral.

How to get a recruiter’s attention on LinkedIn and land an awesome job?

LinkedIn isn’t only a networking site but an excellent tool for recruiters to search out and connect with good talent. As long as we recruiters rely tons on LinkedIn search, candidates should certify that they’re easy to find.

Your profile springing up at the highest of the search results together with it being compelling enough for the recruiter to open it’s the key to be easily discoverable.

Recruiters search the LinkedIn database in several other ways. If you wish to face out from the opposite candidates and interact the interest of the recruiters then this article may assist you.

Being a recruiter, we get many requests per day and multiple applications on our job postings. It’s generally impossible for us to go through these many profiles on a daily basis.

We generally do a screening process from the profile headline. We open a profile on condition that it’s suitable and matches the necessity. Then we remove the profile for a maximum of 6 seconds before going ahead.

Now let’s have a look at what you’ll be able to do to urge a recruiter’s attention and acquire calls from multiple companies.

Good Headline

  1. Your headline is your selling point in the search results.
  2. Be thoughtful about what you write here. Your headline will influence whether the recruiter will open your profile or not.
  3. Mention relevant keywords in the headline to boost your profile in search results.
  4. Recruiters mostly search using keywords and so mentioning your top skills here will help.
  5. If you went to a Tier-I college or have worked at a top tech company, mention that.
  6. Good headline: Fullstack Web Developer | Python, React | Silver Medallist, IIT Kharagpur
  7. Bad headline: “Looking for Job Change” or “Actively Looking for Opportunities”. This does not provide any insight and creates a negative impact.

Complete Profile

  1. Make sure to have a complete profile with all the relevant sections filled.
  2. Make sure that your profile includes keywords that the recruiters might be searching for.
  3. About Section: Add your achievements and other selling points in your about section. Keep it concise.
  4. Education Section: Always add your education in the correct format. Add the original college page to make your profile visible when the recruiter does an alumni search.
  5. Skill Section: Add all the skills that you have expertise in and get endorsements from relevant people. This will help your profile appear when the recruiter does a skill search.
  6. Recommendations: Get recommendations from people you have worked with.
  7. If you are actively looking for opportunities, enable the “Open to Job opportunities” feature on your LinkedIn profile, and mention what roles you are interested in.


  1. Make your network strong by connecting with people in your domain.
  2. Try to connect and engage with people from your domain who are active on LinkedIn and post regularly.
  3. Your profile will come up at the top of search results if you are 1st/2nd connection of the recruiter.

Do not get lost in a crowd of 675 million LinkedIn users. Make the best use of it.

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