Digital Marketing Strategy – How video marketing can help grow your brand and business

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Videos grab viewer’s attention and it allows people to watch, hear and knowledge what you would like to convey. Your video could go viral and gain tons of shares on social media. Creating a promotional video is straightforward especially once you have an expert who can assist you edit it.

Research shows that Video advertisements boost purchase by 97% and brand association by 139%. Most of video watchers visit the marketer’s website and call vendor.

Studies show that you simply attract more interests from audiences by including videos on your website or marketing materials, which results in 80% conversion rates!

Making the video viral on social media? Well, 92% of video watchers share videos with their friends on their social network and increases online presence.

Advantages of using promotional video and video marketing:

It will assist you reach out many customers without spending an excessive amount. Your videos may go viral and gain many views.

  1. It can explain everything. According to research 98% of customers are watching videos to know more about the products and services.
  2. It can build trust. Videos can create an impression by engaging emotions.
  3. Video is a powerful medium. By creating an creative and effective promotional video, it can make your company noticeable and grab buyer’s attention.

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