Create better eLearning courses

eLearning is becoming an ever popular method of coaching people because compared to traditional learning approaches it’s more accessible, less costly and effective way of gaining skills. But how are you able to make your eLearning courses more effective?

Here is 4E’s to make it happen!


Enhance the way you design the course presentation. It should be easy to know and follow. The flow of your topics should be logical and not confusing. Make the materials relevant to your target learners. Short but sweet.


Explain your topic well, refrain from creating slides or topics that have lengthy texts. Use video or photo more to assist you explain or describe the subject.


Yes, you read it right. Nobody wants to find out during a boring manner that’s why you’ve got to upgrade their learning experience by injecting fun and interesting elements on your courses. You want to incorporate video, infographics, interactive activities, mini-games, leaderboards and even social learning.


Studies show that learning and retention increase when people are having fun and engaged with what they are doing. So make your eLearning course standout and interesting.

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