Possibilities of Gaming while learning | 4 Min Read

4 minutes Possibilities of Gaming while learning As an employee, there are tons of reasons why we usually forget things especially when it involves working. Busy schedule, plenty of plates on your hands and other things to require care of. It’s very challenging and stressful especially once you don’t have time to scribble your notes, check your […]

Advantages of using Instructional video in delivering online training | 8 Min Read

8 minutes Advantages of using Instructional video in delivering online training Instructional video materials are popular choices for doing online training and teaching certain topics. Here are some reasons to consider it. Engaging way to teach Learn and Replay. Easy to deliver Reusing and sharing material Engaging way to teach: Learner: Who wants a dragging and boring […]

Blended Learning | 8 Min Read

8 minutes Blended Learning Most of the learners are familiar with the normal way of learning – classroom setup. Let’s admit it, this method of teaching isn’t that effective anymore. Our academic system has innovated, all because of technology. An honest example of this is often eLearning where lessons are done and learned online. If we’re getting […]

Create better eLearning courses | 5 Min Read

5 minutes Create better eLearning courses eLearning is becoming an ever popular method of coaching people because compared to traditional learning approaches it’s more accessible, less costly and effective way of gaining skills. But how are you able to make your eLearning courses more effective? Here is 4E’s to make it happen! Enhance Elaborate Entertain Engagement Enhance: […]

What is Mobile Learning? I 6 MIN READ

6 minutes What is Mobile Learning? Integration of Learning through Mobile. Tons of business owners want to supply special training to their employees. Most of the businesses said that investing in their employees’ proper training can deliver better service to their clients. Oftentimes, topics and training materials are given in PowerPoint, word and pdf formats. But, can […]

Importance of Gamification in eLearning | 3 MIN READ

6 minutes Gamification is a new trend that’s usually utilized in eLearning services which will help the learners to retain more information supported the games they played. Show real-life situations and decision making Through gamification, you’ll apply real-life scenarios in games which will trigger the learner’s critical thinking and when this is often stimulated your learners will […]

Advantages of Using a Learning Management System (LMS) | 6 MIN READ

9 minutes Advantages of Using a Learning Management System (LMS) eLearning is an innovation for delivering learning content especially in times of the worldwide Pandemic. It is been adapted both by academic institutions and businesses which suggests it’s applicable both for college kids and professionals. eLearning comes hand in hand with Learning Management System or better referred […]

eLearning Trends | 5 MIN READ

9 minutes eLearning Trends Due to the demand for eLearning in both the tutorial and professional world, people are becoming more curious about incorporating this method not only due to its popularity but because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Here are the top 5 eLearning trends: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Gamification Personalized Learning Mobile […]

Importance of eLearning I 5 MINS READ

5 minutes Importance of eLearning In the modern world, there is an enhancement in tech trends such as new gadgets, computer software, and other applications. Our society is now fast-paced, we’d like to stay up with its movement. Traditional methods aren’t that effective anymore, an example is in education. Instructors not only use the chalk and board […]