Blended Learning

Most of the learners are familiar with the normal way of learning – classroom setup. Let’s admit it, this method of teaching isn’t that effective anymore. Our academic system has innovated, all because of technology. An honest example of this is often eLearning where lessons are done and learned online. If we’re getting to believe it, these are two different methods but both are effective. What more if these methods are combined?

This method is named blended learning, this is often where traditional teaching methods and eLearning meets. In this article, you’ll learn more about blended learning, what it does, how it works and its benefits.

What does It do?

In blended learning, it lets the learner to try to do learning activities at anywhere anytime.

Since eLearning uses Learning Management System it allows the trainer to carefully assess the learner’s performance with the assistance of LMS, and thereupon, he/she can create an accurate feedback on how the learner is doing with the modules being personally given to the learner.

With blended learning, there’s a good selection of options on the way to deliver lessons since you’re incorporating technology into it. An example is Gamification that’s commonly related to eLearning. Applying this system will make the training process enjoyable both for the trainer and learners.

How does It work?

Basically, the presence of the trainer and therefore the learners are still needed for blended learning, the sole difference is that there’s an application of technology within the classroom found out, whether in terms of delivering the teachings or the content of the lesson itself. And not just that, compared to traditional teaching where the learner only listens to the teacher, during a blended learning environment, learners can answer material online since lessons are available over the cloud.


There are a couple of benefits of integrating blended learning whether during a classroom setting or within the corporate world. It lets the learner comprehend the lesson well, absorbing the lesson that’s needed to be learned. Since the training process is better in both worlds, there’s no excuse for a learner to not learn.

eLearning plays an important role in blended learning, for this method to figure you would like to possess an efficient and effective eLearning module.

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